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Formed in 1997, we are a local company combining the best of modern Internet technologies with the traditional Scottish values of personal hands-on service and efficiency.

Based in Dundee, Kinross and Perth we are ideally situated to meet the needs of our customers who are mainly located north of the Edinburgh to Glasgow line and south of the North Pole.

Our customers are mainly micro and small businesses; we understand the trials and tribulations of being a small business in the U.K. because we are a small business too.
It is because we are a small business, because we know what it is like, that we do go the extra mile for you. So it's no wonder that so many of our customers are still with us more than 13 years after we commenced trading.

Scotz.Net is your "one stop shop" to meet all your Internet and Computer Support needs. Imagine that. Just one supplier to deal with all things Information Technology. Just one supplier to resolve any problems and report back to you in a jargon free manner. One supplier, one telephone number, one problem - ours!

This web site has been specifically designed to be basic, plain and easy to use. But, most of all, this web site has been designed to be as jargon free as possible. We have quite deliberately opted to avoid unnecessary bells and whistles in order to display information clearly and concisely.

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